Oggi ci è stata sottoposta un'intervista riguardante l'illuminazione verticale, i suoi sviluppi e le problematiche connesse all'inquinamento luminoso.

Q - What do you think about the "Dark Sky - Initiative" and its influence on façade lighting? How does it effect the demand for façade lighting?
R - The Dark Sky is questionable, in any city there's public lighting, advertising, cars. Hard to see the stars anyway.
More, a usual project of facade lighting if well designed and installed demands quite low light intensity, so can't affect the direct stars observation

Q - Did you do façade lighting projects during the last year?

R - yes, 6 of them

Q - In the projects you did, who was the initiator for the façade lighting project in most cases?
R - Investor

Q - Which brand or brands of luminaries did you use in the realised façade lighting projects? (please list the 3 most common)
R - iGuzzini, Erco, Martin

Q - What was the main reason for using these brands for your façade lighting projects?
R - iGuzzini for direct request by owner, Erco for versatility, Martin for unique colour changers and controls

Q - Who was the main decision-maker for the façade lighting products?

R - Investor

Q - How are your façade lighting projects technically controlled?

R - with DMX and Dali

Q - Which trends do you see in the demand for façade lighting?
R - It will be increasing thanks to new LED fixtures that require easy installation and low maintenance

Q - For what kind of buildings façade lighting will most often be used for?

R - Historical buildings, Shopping malls, Bridges and hotels too

Q - In what ways will façade lighting be used in the future?

R - hopefully for illumantion of buildings and support of architecture and changing the appearance of buildings (playing with light)

Q - In which countries do you see a high demand for façade lightings in the future?
R - Middle East, Northern Europe, Far East

Q - For how many years have you been working in this field?

R - 8 right now

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